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I'm all hooked up.

So I didn't think I'd ever return to this thing again but I figured, hey, somebody's gotta still be watching so I thought I'd throw in some words...

Time away from Livejournal has been an interesting few months that wasn't much away at all -- just "moved" to Facebook since that is undeniably what has taken over as of late. I won't get into it as I seem to do that a lot with people but goddam, in all of it's addictive, effective glory, the masterful FB (not as cool as "LJ" btw) certainly scares the crap out of me. And it should scare you too. My whole workplace, where I happen to be right now, is starting to get accounts and even my own mother got one a couple weeks ago to look at some friend's photo album. Though I promptly told her if she had anything to do with it/me, I would run away from home. And to think, with something as powerful and expansive as Facebook, you have to wonder what kind of tabs the government's keeping on people and/or their profiles, photos, groups, events, etc.

Anyyyway. The reason I'm here is to follow-up on that last post I made. Yesterday, yours truly turned 19, which is kinda-pretty-cool, and on that occasion, my good ol' friend David (aka Lumpy/Grumpy Lumpkins) gave me a website! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's not much now as he just put a basic set-up on it for the time being but this finally moves things forward a bit in terms of getting the mass amounts of BS I seem to enjoy putting on the internet (music, words, recommendations, etc.). Very soon, it will hold just about everything I've tried to convey whether over here or on that shitty MySpace music player or anywhere else. Most importantly, it will hopefully allow myself to further move on from those aforementioned virtual monstrosities. As for Livejournal, you've been good to us all (for the most part), and it is time to say goodbye.

Sooo bye. Onwards!


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Music for airports.

It feels almost silly to write here now; it's incredible on just how scarce this thing is used.

This could very well be one of my last posts here. The other day, I was thinking about all this user-group-based website fanaticism (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and how much I wish I could just very well be done with it. Then I got the simplest of ideas: a website! Like a domain and all that. I've done it before, it's exceedingly easy, and given my interests, would probably be best suited. Livejournal is pretty friggin' dead and I can't allow myself to be sucked further into this Facebook fad -- something that I have come to terms with is probably the truth.

So yeah. Hopefully, next time I post here, it'll be about a site. It feels like the most appropriate thing to do. To move on, per say. After all, as 4 days ago, I've had idiosynk (whatever the hell that means) for 2 years. That's just weird. In any case, here's one last mp3 for all y'all since that's what this ol' thing basically degraded to in the past year. Yet another brand new Little Tikes jam, featuring Stefanie Ross on cello -- this one's bound to be the block-rocking beats of the year.

MP3: Little Tikes...? - Most Don't Mind Knock-Offs
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Lesser model.

I'll save the year-end catch-up and the uhhh, 'LiveJournal catching-up' for another day. Ahem.

Three weeks or whatever it's been is probably the longest I've gone without doing something on this stupid page but I won't lie, it's taken me a few days to do this. It's kinda sad maybe... Though perhaps "long" is just the word I'm looking for. But I dunno, I do this anyway for my own thoughts and their lack of collectivity so hopefully, at least a few of you will pick up on some of this and throw your two cents in. Or buy an album. Or even just download it or trade or something... Whatever.

Enjoy. Oh, and Merry fekkin' Christmas!!!!!!

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Totally untitled.

It came almost too late but at the perfect time, just in time. It has been so long, and you really should all hear this song/band/album.
More later, I'm at work which is boring and slow and grey. Things in general are a slightly different hue. More saturation.

MP3: Vetiver - Been So Long
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Draw us lines.

Look, do your friends a favour and don't be a fucking sketchball. It's enough with people who can't seem to be punctual. It's called decency. Communication. Honesty. All that shit. Nine times out of ten, so-and-so cares for you a lot more than you think they do even if that isn't mutual. But suck it up, take it as a compliment and at least make a reasonable effort to fix things around. Maybe I'm being a hypocrite. But here we are, this isn't for one or two or six people in particular. It's just an issue to be raised because despite what you may think, people forget. People flake out. People have reasons, sure, but don't necessarily have reasoning. I can't stand being wrenched in all these different directions by the people I try to hold onto. I feel like I should just start going out again and meeting new people or maybe getting off my ass, following my own words and hanging out with old friends like I should have been doing a lot time ago. I'm really, really sorry to anybody that knows this from me -- trust me when I say I feel like a complete and utter asshole about it. I have time any night of just about every week and when I don't or something comes up, I will do my best to make up for it in someway. Fucking situations of circumstance. Fuck salt.
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Free admission.

This past weekend in the glorious Montréal was something else. Something else. I think I could've stuck it out for longer than 3 days, in any case. Though, I must say, David and I driving up there and back was half of the fun. Well, a third or so. I was pretty much smiling from about Friday 9:15 AM 'til last night 12:30 AM. Good stuff. If you have a fucking Facebook, go see some fucking pictures if you care. And wash my fucking mouth out with soap while you're at it. FUCK SALT.

No, seriously, enough of the Tourettes Guy references and fragmented sentences. I suck at writing these days, I really do. Not that I was ever very good but these days I feel especially lame when it comes to typing out my silly trains of thought. It's not even you, LiveJournal, that I care about (now that no one really else does either) but for instance, I just started a new journal (real men don't call them "diaries") after about a 2 month break of finishing the last one and being too lazy to find that nice leather book Sean gave me ages ago. And, well, I'm having trouble keeping away--- oh shit. What the fuck am I doing? I'm... I'm... I'm making a LiveJournal entry talking about my REAL journal?

...SEE!?? Something's horribly wrong here. I'm serious. Well, there's a couple things wrong in the world of Galen right now. Work, most notably, especially after today and moreso [likely] tomorrow, but we won't get into any of that. Instead, going back to the topic of Montréal, I ended up meeting a certain Ian Ilvasky, co-owner of Constellation Records, at the wonderful Expozine on Saturday. After talking for a bit (before I even realized who he was), he revealed to me some news regarding everyone's favourite band -- whether you've heard them yet or not -- Do Make Say Think. As you may already know, the band just recently finished up a tour opening for Broken Social Scene that ran strictly through the States, much to the upset of Canadian fans everywhere. Well, as Ian told me, their new record (also apparently entitled You, You're A History In Rust) is going to be released on a tentative February 20, 2007, which, ladies and gentlemen, ain't so far off considering the rate the past few months have gone by.

In celebration of this fucking amazing news, I'm offering to you some great live mp3's of the band. If you've seen 'em live, you'll know the significance and awesome power of this band. Rejoice. Do. Make! Say!!! Think? Pshhhh.

MP3: Do Make Say Think - Horns Of A Rabbit / Auberge Le Mouton Noire [live]

MP3: Do Make Say Think - Outer Inner & Secret [live]

MP3: Do Make Say Think - Goodbye Enemy Airship [live]
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Can't you feel the knife?

I got proved wrong. Over the net (and, yes Sean, at an Indigo CD-preview station), I had heard a couple of things off of the new k-os record. Being a pretty big fan of the fellow Torontonian man, Kheaven Brereton, I own both Exit and Joyful Rebellion which are great discs. However, I was being naive when my skepticism kicked in for the new album, Atlantis - Hymns For Disco -- I forgot how k-os gets these different ideas and influences that greatly form the direction of his records.

Deciding to break the ice and give it a real shot, I bought the record on Friday (at the very same Indigo, in fact). And, well, like I said; I got proved wrong. Don't judge a book by it's cover -- not the all too familiar album artwork and design, not the choices of singles from Joyful Rebellion, nor the weird title have suffered k-os a single fraction of lost judgement here. The opener, "Electrik Heat - The Seekwill", seemingly starts off a little bland, mainly relying on it's steady percussive efforts, but soon showed me it's purpose through Kheaven's use of strong-yet-calm melodies and soulful approach to his choruses. And besides, compared to Joyful Rebellion's "Emcee Murdah" as an opener, it's a growth -- it would appear he himself agrees; he actually 'disses' the track on the new one.

Atlantis definitely has a certain range of musical styles but usually manages to lean toward more soulful numbers than former alienating odes to "power above" or cracked b-boy jaunts. In the past couple years, k-os has also teamed up with a number of interesting musical groups, including Broken Social Scene, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and a host of others. As I read the liner notes to the album last night, my jaw dropped at the sneaky 'mention' of Chan Marshall as his primary influence for the new record. For those who don't know, Chan Marshall is none other than Cat Power. Weird? Not necessarily. Unexpected? Definitely. So, sure enough, k-os has brought in some familiar faces for collaboration, such as Sam Roberts and Rahzel, as well as new friends, including a good chunk of Broken Social Scene and fellow Canadian-rapper Buck 65.

Hearing this kind of consistent power in Canadian music and such successful transcension of musical styles and genre-specific norms makes it easy (and me proud) to say that Atlantis - Hymns For Disco does not disappoint. Quite the contrary, really. Taste these new tracks and/or the "exclusive" Dave Newfeld and Ryan Lenssen (of The Most Serene Republic) remix of Joyful Rebellion's "Dirty Water". Hot damn.

MP3: k-os - Valhalla (Feat. Sam Roberts, Kevin Drew & Justin Peroff)

MP3: k-os - Black Ice - Hymn 4 Disco

MP3: k-os - Dirty Water (Dave Newfeld & Ryan Lenssen Remix)
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All the world is gliss.

Just another one of those nights. Spending far too much time in front of a screen, waiting for nothing, killing time, trying to find something to do. Speaking of "something", I did. For those of you who have had the pleasure of checking out Glissandro 70 and their debut release this past year on Constellation Records, you may very well have been a little disappointed by the all-too-brief nature of those 5 great tracks (not including their See You On The Moon! contribution).

Tonight, and don't ask me how 'cause this time I wasn't even looking, I managed to find some seemingly rare tracks by Craig Dunsmuir (one half of Glissandro 70, along with Toronto sound-guru Sandro Perri) under his longtime moniker, Guitarkestra. In fact, I've come to understand it's usually more than just him in the looped-guitar-based project but it's definitely his solo self performing in these 8 great untitled songs. Spastic and raw but also rich in texture with precise layering that provides a fresh sort of soundscape that doesn't necessarily hit the "ambient" factor.

Annndddd, further still/better yet, one of the tracks seems to be the definite origins of the Glissandro track "Something". Very, very cool. Hopefully some of you can appreciate this as much as I did -- it would seem Glissandro 70 themself and this kind of related material might very well be a one-time deal. Get it while you can.

MP3: Guitarkestra - Untitled #4 (Something)

MP3: Guitarkestra - Untitled #6

MP3: Glissandro 70 - Something

+++ If ya dig it, hit this up for all eight Guitarkestra "demo" tracks.
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karma's coming to get you.....

County lineman.

Had a good weekend. Went by kinda fast but, really, not too bad.

Yes, yes. Let's see. Sean, Kevo and I had ourselves a good jam yesterday. Material I hope we can continue to work on, pending Kevin Qi Liu doesn't lose himself to his worsening crack addiction and/or Sean Gerard Lewis can finally realize the undebatable superiority of salted butter. Kevin's piano playing, Sean and myself's guitar playing (turns out Seanie's a slide-guitar pro), with even some harmonica and alto recorder thrown in "the mix".

And today, well, I bought a 4-dollar box of Girl Guide cookies where there is currently only... 5 remaining! Tonight, I found myself feeling irregularly "street" and put on a playlist of beats and such. I was thinking it over and decided, ya know what, I post too much random crap that only comes in the form of a few measley mp3's. So, tonight, I'm leaving 3 albums up for all of you that, if ya like, you can take. We have the ridiculously cool reggae OK Computer (aka Radiodread) by the Easy Star All-Stars, the pure underground talents of Deaf In The Family, and The Roots' newest (and possibly their best), Game Theory. Three albums from this year so far that are all too necessary and seemingly overlooked.

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